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There are 2 indicators recognized and used worldwide when it comes to measuring the strength of manuka honey – UMF or MGO.

So, what does this 2 mean? In simple non-technical terms, UMF also known as Unique Manuka Factor, measures the level of the components that make up manuka honey. MGO measures the Methylglyoxal in manuka honey. For both indicators, the higher the value, the higher the strength of the manuka honey.

Is there a difference? Well they are just a standard of measure for the strength of manuka honey, much like using kilometers or miles to measure distance. However, to those who are confused, I have attached a table above for your easy conversion.

As a side note, do remember that there are some brands of honey out there who attempt to mislead customers. All measures of manuka honey strength must come with the UMF or MGO rating. There might be some of you who have noticed certain brands claiming that their product is manuka honey, and on the bottle indicate numbers like 25+, with no UMF or MGO beside it. That, is an attempt to mislead customers.

Be careful of what you buy. Products like those featured in our online store comes with the licence number and clearly stated the UMF or MGO rating.