Kare Manuka Honey




Manuka honey is obtained from the manuka plant only found in New Zealand. Its anti-bacterial properties and enzymes gives a range of health benefits which includes certain healing properties.

Manuka honey can be (but not limited to) used for:
1. Health maintenance
2. Gastric problems
3. Cough
4. Eczema
5. Sore throats and immunity
6. Burns, wounds, ulcers
7. Allergies

Simple guide to which level of UMF you should go for:
UMF5+: Low level of manuka honey properties. Cheaper. To test as first bottle to see if you like it. For no or low gastric problems.
UMF10+: Recommended for normal health maintenance. For no to moderate gastric problems.
UMF15+: For moderate to high gastric problems. Not recommended if you are eating just for health maintenance.
UMF20+: For very serious gastric problems. Strongly not recommended if you do not have serious gastric issues.
Directions for use:
Do not use a metal spoon.
Do not mix with water.
Eat before meals.
Scoop it up and eat it just like that, wash down with some water if need be.

Do not refrigerate honey.


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