Of all the face mask available on the market, from South Korea’s Innisfree to FANCL from Japan, Tea Tree Face Mask from the UK to Kiehl’s from the USA, each camp has its own die-hard supporters. Yet little is known about the Nelson Honey Royal Nectar Original Face Mask from New Zealand.

To put in simple terms, this is a face mask with bee venom. Bee venom has been touted to be an alternative to botox. This face mask have the effect of stimulating collagen production, tightening your skin and removing wrinkles as well as skin lines.

One may say that every company will praise its product for being the best, but who uses it and why will be an indication of its success.

For example, usual brands will engage celebrities to endorse their products, such as Nicole Kidman endorsing Swisse health and beauty products. Of course, the more well-known a celebrity is, the more trustable that brand is. However, the Royal Nectar Face Mask needs no paid celebrity endorsement, for the simple fact that Kate Middleton herself used it for her own wedding.

It is one thing to have a celebrity endorsing it, and another thing to have someone from the royal family to be using it. It says of the quality, of the trust the royal family (who has been using nothing but the best) puts on the brand. It needs no further endorsement. No further proof.

Click on the link for the article for Kate Middleton’s usage of this Nelson Honey Royal Nectar Original Face Mask.

How to use it:
After washing your face, apply it to your face for 15 minutes (some people leave it overnight while they sleep) before washing off.
You may wish to consider using Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil together with the face mask for greater skin care effect.

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