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Nelson Honey Royal Nectar Original Face Mask Review

Of all the face mask available on the market, from South Korea’s Innisfree to FANCL from Japan, Tea Tree Face Mask from the UK to Kiehl’s from the USA, each camp has its own die-hard supporters. Yet little is known about the Nelson Honey Royal Nectar Original Face Mask from New Zealand.

To put in simple terms, this is a face mask with bee venom. Bee venom has been touted to be an alternative to botox. This face mask have the effect of stimulating collagen production, tightening your skin and removing wrinkles as well as skin lines.

One may say that every company will praise its product for being the best, but who uses it and why will be an indication of its success.

For example, usual brands will engage celebrities to endorse their products, such as Nicole Kidman endorsing Swisse health and beauty products. Of course, the more well-known a celebrity is, the more trustable that brand is. However, the Royal Nectar Face Mask needs no paid celebrity endorsement, for the simple fact that Kate Middleton herself used it for her own wedding.

It is one thing to have a celebrity endorsing it, and another thing to have someone from the royal family to be using it. It says of the quality, of the trust the royal family (who has been using nothing but the best) puts on the brand. It needs no further endorsement. No further proof.

Click on the link for the article for Kate Middleton’s usage of this Nelson Honey Royal Nectar Original Face Mask.

How to use it:
After washing your face, apply it to your face for 15 minutes (some people leave it overnight while they sleep) before washing off.
You may wish to consider using Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil together with the face mask for greater skin care effect.

If you would like to get one for yourself, click the link to our website and place your order.

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Manuka Honey Review

Manuka honey, one of the trademark items of New Zealand known for their quality products and clean environment, is collected by bees which draws on the nectar of the manuka tree. Manuka honey is generally use for general health and as an alternative medicine.

Manuka honey contains a higher level of enzymes than regular honey, which serves an antibacterial purpose. Not all manuka honey are of the same strength, and hence the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) system is implemented to mark the strength of each batch of manuka honey, The higher the UMF, the higher the concentration of enzymes and antibacterial properties.

In layman’s terms, manuka honey is known to treat gastric problems and acid reflux, reduce inflammation of the digestive system, improve vitaity and boosting immune system. The common UMF grades for manuka honey are: UMF5+, UMF10+, UMF15+ and UMF20+.

A bottle of manuka honey may look like this:


Manuka honey manufacturers are required to register and have a licence number with the UMF Honey Association. This licence number is supposed to be printed on the products. An example can be seen below.

We can see from the picture that the licence number for this brand of honey is 1015.

Due to the many beneficial properties of manuka honey and their limited supply, as manuka flower is found only in New Zealand, prices for manuka honey are generally more expensive than regular honey. However, one can be sure that the money spent on one bottle of manuka honey is better worth it than the many bottles of regular honey.

For general health and body maintenance, UMF10+ manuka honey is recommended. Do take note that UMF15+ and UMF20+ manuka honey are for people with moderately serious to serious health issues especially gastric problems, and should not be taken if you are healthy. The enzymes and components of the manuka honey will be too much for a healthy person’s body to take.

If you are living in Singapore, and would like to try one bottle out, you may wish to refer to our website where we are currently selling below New Zealand retail prices.

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Rosehip Oil Review

Rosehip oil, something that has made the rounds in the health and beauty circle in recent years. From the commoner to celebrities to Kate Middleton (royal family of England), more and more people are using it. But how many of us ask ourselves, what exactly is this rosehip oil and what does it do? Of the many brands available, which one will be a good one to use?

Rosehip oil is a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush. It contains  vitamins, anti-oxidants and is rich in essential fatty acids. In simple terms, essential fatty acids are fatty acids that we obtain through our diet because the body requires them for good health but is unable to synthesize them.

Commonly used in skincare products, rosehip oil is used mainly to counter a range of skin conditions including:

  1. Dermatitis
  2. Acne
  3. Eczema
  4. Mature skin
  5. Sun-burnt skin
  6. Wrinkles
  7. Scarring

Rosehip oil is absorbed into the skin quickly and creates a protective barrier on the skin to prevent dehydration. This also makes it non-greasy and light, which does not make your face uncomfortable at all. The best time to use it will be in the morning or in the evening after cleansing. Apply a few drops onto your hand, rub it together before applying to your face while it is still damp.

Also, you may wish to consider using it together with the Nelson Honey Royal Nectar Original Face Mask. One way of using it will be to rub some rosehip oil onto your face, then apply the mask overnight while you sleep.

And if you have not clicked the link on Kate Middleton above, you may be wondering which brand of rosehip oil does she use? Well, it is the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, which is made in New Zealand. You may wish to refer to our website if you are interested in this.

Feel the marked improvement on your face as the time goes by. Definitely, it is much better than botox, don’t you agree?

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